Merida Real Estate-Land Offers Great Opportunities

If you’re considering buying real estate in Merida, buying land in Mexico is an option you shouldn’t miss. Merida is known for its 100-year-old colonial city or its traditional Mexican-style homes nearby, but in the nearby port city of Progreso’s beach lifestyle, Merida, and the surrounding Yucatan. The surrounding facilities are exciting. Opportunity to buy land.
As a city, Merida has many opportunities to buy land, from residential areas for sale to larger lands available for investment in commercial / apartment development. New developments in the city include my4walls strong infrastructure support for water, electricity, telephone and internet connectivity and excellent roads, ensuring security for those who prefer to invest heavily in one of these areas. Offers.
In the Yucatan countryside around the city of Merida, there are also some interesting opportunities to sell on old Hacienda and large, spacious farms. These great land offers are ideal for buyers who want to build their own “Mexico vacation”. Old farms also have great investment potential. Recently, some wise investors have recognized the appeal of refurbished real estate as a hotel destination as a rental space for special occasions. The possibilities of Yucatan’s Hacienda and other farms are wide.
Another style of land for sale is a parcel by the sea. Many of Mexico’s famous seaside locations were already expensive, but even on undeveloped land, many parts of the Yuktan coastline are still much more affordable, sometimes even available for less than $ 70,000. increase. In addition to the fact that there are many small cities that include all the basic services, many of these places have the advantage of not being too far from all the services and facilities of the city of Campeche in Merida, or the neighboring state. same name. Both have excellent medical facilities, major US stores such as Wal-Mart, and an international airport.
If you are considering buying real estate in Mexico, consider buying land in Merida or the surrounding Yucatan community. Whether it’s an urban location, an old Hacienda, a beautiful beach, etc., whether it’s suitable for naming yourself, the properties of Merida and Yucatan have these possibilities and many others.